First press article

La Meuse Luxembourg 11-25-2019

Thursday, sending an article request to the group SUDPRESSE to appear a few weeks before our departure, which is scheduled for December 2020. Saturday just before noon, we are contacted by Clémence Hubert who explains preparing an article for the Monday edition and who needs a picture to illustrate it. Photos to illustrate our departure! We thought we would do it in the next few months, but now we have nothing. Half an hour and two SMS later, a photo shoot is planned for the next day 2:30 pm

Sunday 2:30 pm, we jump in our motorcycle clothes. We have an arbor, a motorcycle, two helmets, the advertising tarpaulin with our logo, and yes it’s against it is made for about 6 months, go understand, a handful of collars colson, cutting pliers, a photographer and an assistant installer on the run , we thank them warmly. And here we go in our beautiful countryside on a well known spot, accompanied by the sun. Installation of all this equipment with some procrastination. The shaving sun to take pictures is not the easiest, the shadows are gigantic. A light cloud will come to save the day. Strafing in 36 positions, disassembly of the installation at the running steps. Already almost 4:00 pm, we return dart dard. The time to review the photos and choose three. They are sent around 4:15 pm. Just in time.

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