Congratulations the Artist

We couldn’t resist the urge to present Aurore Dahin who graciously created our logo for our African adventure. The logo has been produced for several months ago and we are still impressed by it.

Aurore is an accomplished artist deeply influenced by the rich colours of Africa where from her birth to her adolescence She has lived successively in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Rwanda and especially in Burundi. Aurore also spent time in Kenya and Tanzania. She had absorbing the rich culture of all these countries. Against this backdrop Aurore uses her artistic knowledge and skills to craft her skills as an artist. who better therefore than Aurore to create our logo ! There is no chance, there are just meetings said the poet Paul Eluard…

Please take five minutes of your time to see more of Aurore’s paintings. See visit her artistic talents by visiting the website Her universe is made up of a palette of colours in her image, intense, bright, radiant. It is a certainty that the colourful universe of Aurore will not leave you indifferent!

L’attribut alt de cette image est vide, son nom de fichier est aurore-2.png.
Aurore Dahin paintings – sculptures

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