They are arrived ! They are beautiful

We would particularly like to thank our partner Pecheur Motos. Claudine and Jean-Claude were intensely enthusiastic from the start of our project. At the beginning, the project consisted of endless list of questions with many possibilities to consider. The professionalism they demonstrated, reinforced by their communicative passion, helped us a lot to make our choice. It’s with conviction that we have selected a 790 Adventure R to ride on the tracks across Africa.

It must be admitted that it has a lot of advantages: twin-cylinder with a contained weight, a proven engine, a 20 liters tank, a very low center of gravity, enduro wheels, efficient suspensions,… Small problem: the hardness of the saddle, know to be a wooden board. We hope that our partner “ La sellerie ” can improve this !

Here they are about to come to life. For now, they look wise, almost juvenile. We will soon see that it will be their look equipped and loaded with all necessary equipment. Let’s go for 1000 kilometers of tests before the first maintenance.

First feelings soon , stay connected…

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