Our steeds are baptized

You have been imaginative and productive and we thank you for it. Judge for yourself:

1. Guido offered to give our nickname to our respective motorbike. An idea like any other, he writes. We have done the exercise of listing all the nicknames that have been assigned to us as far as we can remember.

Bruno :

  • Djolet
  • La prune
  • John
  • Flamand (oui Guido moi aussi)
  • Penaul
  • Baudet
  • Pélik
  • Born to fall
  • Lebruno
  • Papounet

François :

  • Le poireau
  • Wawa
  • Le Grand
  • Franswé (merci Waby)
  • Papy (merci Waby)
  • Le Vice (Président) rapidement devenu
  • Elvis
  • Suske
  • SWM 250
  • Pap’s
  • Papounet

Sorry Guido nothing to choose from this list.

2. Patrick suggested to us: :
For François -> A great name « MITTERRAND »
For Bruno -> A great name « MARS »

It is not clear why, but he disappeared just afterwards. (don’t worry Patrick we love you anyway ;-))

3. For Waby we were the day of the “Sainte Désirée” and therefore Désirée was a ready-made name; No doubt a nod to a painful BMW 2002 birth, or Félicitée.

François and I are not very “Saint” …. in any case not spelled like that ! Congratulated on middle name, why not once you get to Cape Town !

4. If yes, if we tell you! Gamin does it ….. nothing stops him: “Corona and Virus”

Trivial and very too common these days …

5. Olivier in Game of Thrones version: Cersei and Daenerys or Vieserion and Rhaegal.

Sorry Olivier, we have a little trouble memorizing and pronouncing them.

6. Véronique made us cry with laughter, take a look:

  • simple version: One and Two – Arrange to know who will be One and who will be Two or so COC1 and COC2
  • couple version according to your arrangements: Left and Right with all possible language variants: Links und Recht, – Gauche et Droite – …..
  • naughty version: Front and Back …… 😮
  • Indian version: Mustang crossing the dunes and Destrier running in the wind
  • Disney version : Tic et Tac
  • zen version : Ying et Yang
  • Cair-O-Cap version : Cair et Cap
  • magnetic version: North and South 
  • cinematographic version: Out of Africa et African Queen
  • footbalistic version: Standard et Anderlecht
  • version my sweetheart : Angélique et Françoise 
  • transfer agent version: Subscription and Redemption (professional distortion)
  • computer version: Chip and Bits
  • card version: Spades and Heart
  • losing version : Marcel et Birkenstock
  • royal version :  Philip et Laurent
  • weather version: Anti-cyclone and Depression
  • Yakari version : Tonerre et Eclair
  • Zorro version : Tornado et Bernardo
  • rallye version : Paris et Dakar
  • habitat version : Tiny et House
  • champagne version : Moet et Chandon
  • sponsors version : Idelux et Sodelux
  • poetic version : licorne et arc-en-ciel
  • news version : Covid et Corona
  • brasicole version : Vaurien et Leffe
  • roman version : Ben et Hur
  • mythical version : Zeus et Jupiter
  • feline version : Simba et Baguette
  • humanitarian version : Amanzi et Maji

We allowed ourselves to add : burlesque version: Laurel and Hardy. What is great is all the proposals but it is a long time: if we only remember one it is less fun or so… we install a LED display on the motorcycles to scroll the names from the fertile and confined imagination of Véronique.

7. David has thought about the symbolism, and we must admit that the idea is attractive.

“You could call your proud steed Nun and Chaku.
Named after this martial art weapon “Nuncaku” composed of 2 woods linked by a chain.
Symbolic double:
1) The fight you are waging to render service (and incidentally to carry out this megatrip!)
2) The team you constitute: each pilot represents a wood and the chain the bond of friendship which unites you, guarantor of your success. ”

After reflections the sound of the two words does not quite please us.

8. Paul of LPK, returned from a lost corner of Chile where he was stranded because of Covid, thinks more about integration with the locals:

““ Biquette ”will be fine. In these countries you will often be in herds of sheep and goats.” Travel advice: we will go unnoticed …

There we feel something coming, if we mixed the symbolism and the natives maybe … .. yes hey hey .. well no, we do not see, but something is happening …

9. Philippe offers « Choupette »

As soon as we say this word, the collective unconscious means that we immediately visualize this charming ladybug number 53. And so even if we have four wheels with two motorcycles, it will never carry our journey.

10. With Marc we go from one extreme to the other.
From the humorous universe: “They have faces, mopeds !!! WaCaCa (for WAter- CAire-CAp) ”.

Whaaa caca : It’s a bit of an emotion that we’re trying to convey to congratulate a child who pooped (caca in french) for the first time in the pot !

In the poetic universe : “Vanessa cardui” … this is the Belle Dame, a migratory butterfly that is found in Belgium and that migrates to Africa.

There it is really nice this pretty butterfly which migrates from Belgium to Africa. We like the picture but not the name.

11. Koen will add the little extra, to all these reflections, which will act as a flavor enhancer in the kitchen.

“We do the same thing when we rent a vehicle,” he writes.
In Uganda for example we found our inspiration in the local language, our 4×4 was Kiragala Dawodiff = green color + double differential. “

There, friends, François’s right brain took control… (Since I’m telling you he has one, for sure !)
Proposals in Swahili are coming and that… Well that…. It also speaks to me.

  • Motorbike = pikipiki
  • Discovery = Ugunduzi
  • Water = Maji
  • Cross = Msalaba
  • Travel = Kusafiri
  • Traveler = Msafiri

Pikipiki and Msafiri we like it, we sleep on it for two days. And then a second salvo from François arrives :

  • Hakuna & Matata
  • Tic & Tac
  • Waka Waka (do it in african)
  • Kimani firstname africain : the one who advances, who dashes
  • Kacela firstname africain : the one who looks, who discovers the world

Hakuna & Matata : Not bad

Hakuna means nothing, Matata means hard. The two words must be combined to signify: nothing hard, no worries, everything is fine. If Hakuna is alone, she is nothing, if Matata is alone, it’s hard, if they are together everything is fine.

The circle is complete: we find the symbolism evoked by Nuncaku, Swahili which is the language used in East Africa by the natives and, icing on the cake, it sounds good. And now, the stickers are in production.

Whaaaat ??? Who is it who said “it reminds of the jungle book”? Who is he? Well, we’re going to cross the jungle! Okay?

We look forward to reading your comments on this little community delirium !

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