The equipment for this trans-African

That’s right !!!! Motorbikes are equipped for our journey. SW motech accessories are fitted. High quality, beautiful and robust. Read “motorcycle equipment” …

The bikers still have to be dressed. If we are convinced to dig into the motocross equipment for boots and helmet, for the rest we still hesitate.

1. Traditional textile equipment: pants and jacket with built-in reinforcements additional removable rain protection.

Benefits :

  • Good protection against impact, abrasion and cuts in fall case.
  • During a break, a jacket is easy to remove.


  • Obligation to keep the jacket to ride even when approaching 40 ° c.
  • To put or remove the rain layer, You have to take off your jacket.
  • When the jacket is wet, even if it keeps the biker dry, the jacket becomes heavy.
  • During a walk, you must carry the jacket and all the reinforcements because it’s impossible to store it in a case.
  • Obligation to provide additional clothing for days without driving.

2. A succession of separate layers “stripping”: protective armor maintained in a mesh added different layers depending on the temperature with an outer rain layer.

Benefits :

  • Easy adaptation of the layers according with the weather and temperature until riding only with the armor.
  • All the layers can easily be stored in the suitcases without taking up too much space.
  • The different layers can be used for all activities other than riding. So less luggage.


  • When you fall down, the armor alone does not protect against abrasion and cuts.
  • It’s not easy to get dressed and undressed with the armor. Obligation to keep it throughout the day when ridding.

Let us know your feedback about it !

Stay tuned !

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