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Today should have been THE DAY of the BIG DEPARTURE to Italy first, port Monfalcone precisely. Embarkation for crossing the Mediterranean on a cargo ship bound for Israel … This long-awaited departure, dreamed of countless times.

We were already visualizing the long embraces and hugs before departure, the intense exchanges of glances, which without a word convey all the excitement of the moment. That moment when powerful, contradictory emotions run through your entire body, where the heartbreak of separation and the excitement of leaving become one. Imagining this moment triggers a chill in my back.

This programmed moment, which we thought we had complete control of, played on us. He went for a walk on the timeline at the whim of RNA molecules determined to travel the world, without warning, without visas or luggage.

Would all this energy expended in the preparations for this trip have been lucky? There is no way! Don’t we say “Ardennes tiesse di bwes” (Ardennes head of wood), crossed AFRICA you have decided, Africa you will cross.§

Come on let’s get motivated, what is a year on the scale of a human life? Not much in the end. Even though so many things can happen, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, sometimes unthinkable, it’s still a short-term expectation.

Finally, losing control at the time of departure is already putting yourself in Africa mode: everything comes at the right time to those who can wait … Patience, this virtue that is too often lacking in our current way of life, has just given us a new lesson in life.

So I have one thing left to write to you :

We will set you up and have an appointment in a year for the departure …

Until then, we’ll be sure to share a few episodes of our preparation.

Thanks for your support

Departure in

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